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This is the true story of Muoi Quan, a twelve-year-old girl who finds herself on a boat in the South China Sea in her attempt to leave Vietnam in 1979.

Lisa’s story is one of perseverance and her trust in God. Her tale is about the strength and flexibility of youth in the face of unimaginable trials. Lisa’s historical reality is the same story told by every refugee who has faced death for a chance at something better, even to this day. Lisa crossed an ocean in a boat. Now refugees cross deserts with no water or swim across raging rivers – for their chance.

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Michael Baker, aka Maikel Yarimizu, is an Oklahoma-born author now living in Japan. His "Princesses" series follows a group of pre-teen girls as they investigate the joy of role-playing games. During their journeys together, they learn that teamwork is essential both in the game and in real life. The first three books of the series are now available individually in paperback for the first time. .A new larger work, "Cookies and Campers" is also available.

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Dr. Anderson's life experiences are a tribute to her indomitable spirit and faith. Follow her through her early life as a refugee in South Vietnam from the North to leaving her home and family for the man she loved. Then see her as a fighter against the cancer that threatens her life.

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